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Dog Bag-It Pooper Scooper A NEW tool for easy Dog Waste Pick Up & Disposal

Cleaning up poop is an inevitable task a pet owner must do. Whether your pet goes in the yard or on a walk, scooping up the poop is part of dog ownership. Since it is your duty, we have made it much simpler!

Our pooper scoopers were made with pet owners in mind, since we know not everyone prefers picking up poop with a bag. Our dog pooper scooper is an excellent tool to use if you’re looking for a quick and clean solution.

Lightweight Pooper Scooper for Easy Cleanup

Our pooper scoopers are small, lightweight, and never rust! They are made from light, non-stick plastic for easier cleanups. These scoopers come with unique folding features that make it even more convenient to store after pickup is complete.

The can be used on all surfaces, without causing damage! Once you’ve held the easy-grip handles, you’ll never want to use another pooper scooper again! View our pooper scooper selection online today!