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Dog Bag Butlers Dog Bag Butlers and Butler Refill Bags

If you’re always forgetting the dog poop bags when you take your pup out for a walk, we have a solution for you! Our clip-on dog poop bag dispensers are small, convenient and easy to remember! You'll always have a dog waste bag handy when you buy one of our colorful and convenient portable dog bag dispensers!

These lightweight dog bag duffels are available in a wide range of colors and patterns including festive holiday designs. They make perfect gifts and stocking stuffers for your favorite canine parent! The Dog Bag Butler Refill Package includes two pouches of 70 Doggie Walk Bags, which are ready to drop into your Dog Bag Butler and refill its bag supply. Our Dog Bag Butlers are always easy to access and to dispense a bag when needed. Dog Bag Butlers are great for having a single bag in your pocket or tying to your leash!

They are a perfect addition in a house, yard, mud room, shop, veterinary office, groomer or anywhere else you would enjoy having the convenience of a high quality, eco-friendly bag ready when you need it. The refill pouches fit our Classic Dispensers and any of our Dog Bag Butlers. All of our dispenser bags are opaque & have tie handles. They come in pouches of 70 bags & dispense tissue style, rather than being on a roll, allowing only one bag to be taken at a time.

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